Swissness car visiting Riwax

Svisnes-Kar who got the opportunity to work with renowned Swiss company "RIWAX" and importing their products in Macedonia, and soon the Balkans, He was able with his team and two customers to visit the company where production takes place in Colikofen near Bern.

The first day we had the opportunity to experience the company "RIWAX" in neijzinite school premises where takes place the training of students and masters and also witnessed the mode of production and logistics which delivers products worldwide.

Despite the pleasant visit second day we visited the school for avtolakeri and avtolimari in Winterthur near Zurich which in August 2015 It began operating in newly constructed building that is world class and are studying hundreds of students annually latest standards for car repair.
During the visit 12 After Avtolakery 4 They are laying their annual training and argued before 4 expert team to be able to professionally do their work according to the highest standards of automotive manufacturers.
It was an exclusive opportunity, especially for our customers from Macedonia to experience phenomenal triallyl school system of Switzerland for decades is a guarantee for top quality that is known and appreciated worldwide.

The successful cooperation with RIWAX will continue, therefore we can guarantee top quality products on the Macedonian market for us and to assure you of our professionalism!!!

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